14 More Lifestyle Changes to Achieve a Slimmer Body


Recommended chewing gums - We all know that chewing gums are high in sugar. They gulp air and get bloated. Health experts recommend opting for low-sugar chewing gums. In short – choose gums that are low in sugar!

Have a Precise Plan - Create a detailed weight loss plan with precise goals and deadlines. Plan everything – starting from drinks to snacks that you should consume. There is no way without temptations – so, be ready to manage that! Your own personalized diet must include healthiest food sources, effective stress-management techniques and regular workouts.

Waiting makes Changes - Develop this habit to lose weight faster – to wait a while before eating, even you feel quite hungry. You can drink glasses of water or go for a short walk to combat your craving and control it better. You can guess what results you will achieve if you will follow this lifestyle change tip.


Always Stay Active - Sitting is unhealthy and boosts fat accumulation in your body. For that reason – set an alarm and do some light exercises after every 1 hour spent sitting. You can take a standing break or short walk break. It is suggested to stretch your arms and legs for around 2 minutes before you get back to work.

Avoid/Reduce Stress - Stress is one of the most frequent causes of obesity. Pay attention to this – you consume more when you feel stressed. What’s depressing here is that majority of people who experience stress; they tend to eat unhealthy food sources! How to effectively fight stress? By being involved in activities that make you happier and more relaxed!

Healthy Sleep - When it comes to weight loss, sleep is as influential factor as stress! Nowadays, our life is so hectic and full of stress and anxiety. Adequate and healthy sleep is significantly necessary for you physical and mental health. You are required to have at least 6-7 hours of sleep. Healthy sleep helps rejuvenate cells.

Go for Low-Calorie Foods - Focus on supplying your system with low-calorie foods. Of course it is not possible to say good bye to all food sources that you love, that are high in calories. However, you always have a choice to pick. Use that choice wisely and pick those which are low in calories.


Yes, you can Substitute! - To drop extra pound super-quickly requires substituting calorie-containing substances in your diet plan with those that are lower in calories. Make healthier choices - food markets offer varied sorts of foods sources. Substitution will be easier because you will be consuming items similar to your favorite ones. You are not replacing your favorites, just substituting!

Small Portions for Big Achievements - Consume foods in small portions! It is recommended to eat a small meal at least every 3 hours. You can use an effective technique suggested by those who successfully lost heavy weights. The technique is to use smaller bowls when you eat. This way – you will control overeating and prevent fat accumulation. You are instructed to get approximately 1,200 to 1,800 calories per day to achieve weight loss results fast.

Develop a Healthy Food List - Health experts believe that one of the best ways to get slimmer body is to create a list of healthiest food sources and use them for recipes. A proper weight loss diet and list of healthy recipes help you achieve weight loss results without risking your health. In short – getting skinny will be noticeably easier for dieters. When you feel hungry – choose some of the food sources you have on your list, only from that list.

Weight Loss Supplements - Use of weight loss supplements is a controversial topic. In most cases, results are achieved not with pills but working out regularly, eating healthy, lowering stress level and maintaining adequate sleep. You can’t take supplement pills and sit around all day. If you decide to add some of weight loss supplements, make sure you use them wisely, combined with activities and lifestyle changes mentioned right above.


Water is what you need - Would you like to know a powerful secret for weight loss? Regular water helps you boost weight loss process and it offers lots of healthy qualities. You can’t burn fat effectively if you don’t drink at least 6-7 glasses of water. Water cleanses your system of toxins and refreshes you both internally and externally. If you substitute aerated drinks with water, you can lose 5 pounds in your first week.

Run Regularly - Make a habit of running every day, apart from your other forms of workouts directed to achieve flat belly. It is one of the most productive ways to lose extra weight. Regular running helps get slimmer body also it keeps you vibrant and fit too. Daily running is recommended above every day workouts. Slimmest women did not work out regularly - but they did run on daily basis.

Get sufficient Fiber - Increase consumption of fruits and veggies that are rich in fiber because it is an important factor to lose weight quickly. A diet which is powered with fiber is able to satisfy your hunger faster and the issues such as overeating and gaining fat will be prevented. Food sources are high in fiber help you feel yourself full quickly.

Closing Part

You should also consider the side effects of dieting, they include: anorexia and bulimia. Make sure that you are not experimenting with your body. You need to follow a “healthy diet plan” – by all means! Always discuss your condition and plans with your health care provider and ask questions regarding your body fat percentages and losing weight in a healthy manner.

Weight loss results highly depend on your body type, so expect results and set goals basing on the type of body you have. Crash diets may cause weight gain after the dieting period is over. Tips and suggestions shared here are worthy to give a try! Last but not least – track your calories intake, they have noticeable impacts on your weight loss.

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