10 Food Sources that Boost Weight Loss Like Never Before

If you don’t consider dieting, like most of people, and do not have sufficient time to go to the gym regularly, some selected food choices could help move your scale in the right course and would barely have to break sweat. Particular foods can help you look slimmer or help you sustain a healthy weight while at the same time packing your system with minerals that aid in lowering cholesterol level and blood pressure, preventing heart-related conditions, and regulating type 2 diabetes.


These super foods help you cut weight by speeding up your metabolism to burn fat and by lowering cravings for fatty food sources. Also, these will keep your energy level on top. In addition to adding these super foods in your healthy eating plan, make sure you have 8 to 10 glasses of water and do physical workouts on daily basis. Here are the top 10 super foods to cut extra weight/fat.

  1. Green Tea

Green tea has provides numerous health benefits rather than coffee or other beverages that upset your system. It helps in sustaining the body weight to its excellence by burning body fat, which results in lowered waist circumference and weight loss, as stated by a 2009 research published in the International Journal of Obesity.


Green tea has epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), an antioxidant that cuts calories throughout the whole day. A 2014 study at Pennsylvania State University revealed that EGCG in green tea slows down weight gain by limiting fat intake and increasing the body’s ability to burn excess fat. It helps keep your system hydrated and reduce your appetite. For the best possible health benefits and to control weight, drink two cups of freshly brewed tea or concentrated green tea on daily basis.

  1. Blueberries

Blueberry, an influential body-friendly super food, should also be added to your eating plan. These small berries offer rich amount of antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals. They also have ample amounts of soluble fiber and water that generate a feeling of fullness so that you will stay fuller for a longer duration between meals while sustaining your digestive system.

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The manganese processes proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Besides, blueberries are fat, cholesterol, and sodium-free. A 2009 University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center research suggests that blueberries should be considered to cut belly fat. The polyphenols in blueberries lower belly fat and even decrease the risk factors for metabolic syndrome. Try to have about a cup of blueberries on daily basis. You can eat them as a healthful snack or combine with fruit salad, smoothie, or yogurt.

  1. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are excellent for diminishing weight rapidly, thanks to their healthy fat and fiber content. Dietary fiber is an necessary weight-loss compound, and flaxseed offer high amount of fiber. A 2012 study published in the Appetite journal revealed that a drink containing 2.5 g of flaxseed fiber helps to hold back your appetite. This makes you feel fuller in a short time, and this feeling (satiety) will last longer.

Flaxseeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids (omega-3s) that help in weight loss. A 2013 study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded stating that adding a sufficient amount of omega-3s in diet helps avoid obesity. A 2015 study published in the Nutrition journal suggests that flaxseed when added to a weight loss plan helps lower inflammation markers such as CRP and TNF-a.

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Flaxseed can even maintain the lipid and metabolic profiles and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. In your eating plan, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed. What else you can do - sprinkle it in your smoothies, juice, yogurt, cereals, salads, or soups. But note that when adding flaxseed to your diet, make sure you drink sufficient amount of water throughout your day.

  1. Almonds

Almond is another powerful food source that helps you cut down excess weight. Fiber, protein, and monounsaturated fat contents of almonds help in diminishing weight. The fiber in almonds makes you feel full and powered nutrition-wise so that you prevent unhealthy foods. According to a 2013 research reported in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who took 1.5 ounces of almonds daily for 4 weeks did not gain considerable weight. The vitamin B and zinc in almonds also help prevent sugar cravings.

Eat a handful of dry roasted or soaked almonds, in place of your consistent snack. As almonds provide calories, try not to take more than 1 ounce, or 23 almonds. You can also drink unsweetened almond milk to cut excess fat.

  1. Grapefruit

A 2006 research published in the Journal of Medicinal Food concluded saying that eating half of a fresh grapefruit before meals can cause a significant weight loss. Its fat-burning quality comes from its fat-burning enzymes. Even insulin conflict can be treated with fresh grapefruit. Insulin is a fat-storage hormone that can impact your weight. In 2014, scientists at the University of California-Berkeley found helpful effects of grapefruit juice in curbing weight gain in a high-fat eating plan.

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The study involved 2 groups of mice. One group was fed with a high-fat diet and grapefruit juice. The second group was also fed a high-fat diet but with plain water instead of grapefruit juice. The researcher has found that mice that were fed with grapefruit juice gained 18 percent less weight compared to the second group of mice. As a grapefruit is comprised of 90% water, it can fill you up; so you consume less. It is even powered with immune-boosting nutrients and antioxidants, and is also low in term of calories.

Try having half a grapefruit prior to your breakfast and the other half before lunch to improve your body’s fat-burning process. Bear in mind: grapefruit may not be appropriate for individuals on particular medications including statins and antihistamines.

  1. Oatmeal

An oatmeal breakfast is helpful for people who are headed to cut excess weight or sustain well being. Oatmeal offer beta glucan, a sort of soluble fiber that helps decrease abnormal levels of fat in blood. It provides greater feelings of fullness and decline in hunger. A 2013 study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found out that oatmeal supplies with more fiber than other ready-to-eat breakfast cereals. One more study published in Plant Foods for Human Nutrition in the same year identified that consistent intake of oats can help cut body weight and waist-to hip ratio. Choose oatmeal for your breakfast! Prepare it with skim milk and add healthful toppings like almonds or berries to keep the calorie content low.

  1. Oranges

Orange is an unbelievably healthy food source to achieve a slimmer body. High fiber and vitamin C contents of the fruit boost weight loss process. A 2005 research published in the journal of the American College of Nutrition highlights that those who take more vitamin C–rich foods have lower body mass index than those who consume intake vitamin C. Vitamin C also triggers the production of carnitine in your system, which cuts fat.

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In addition, fiber containing orange makes people less likely to gain weight. A 2009 study published in the Nutrition journal notes that high-fiber food sources take longer to chew and slow down the emptying of your system. This means - fiber provides necessary nutrients so you full for longer duration. This low-calorie fat-free fruit is also an excellent source of nutrition needed to maintain a healthy body. Begin your day with an orange and also drink a glass of fresh orange juice on daily basis. However, stay away from packaged orange juice as it is not natural but sweeteners and preservatives added.

  1. Salmon

Cold-water fish like salmon should be included in your eating plan as it speeds up your metabolic rate and helps cut excess fat quicker. Salmon is powered with good fats, which are favorable to weight loss. Also, the good quality protein in salmon also boosts weight loss. Protein needs more energy from your system to process, thus supplying with fat-burning benefits. Also, lean sources of protein like salmon help you feel full for longer.

A 2011 study published in the journal Metabolism examined the differential effects of a variety of fish proteins in altering body weight, adiposity, inflammatory status, and insulin sensitivity in high fat–fed rats and found salmon to be the most productive one. Salmon also provides vitamin D that most of us lack of. Try to have two or three portions of salmon per week. You are recommended to try grilled or baked salmon dishes.

  1. Avocados

Even though avocados contain high amount of fat, they are a favorable addition to any weight loss plan. The monounsaturated fats in avocados help lower hunger and make you feel full. In addition, avocados are rich in L-carnitine, an amino acid utilized in metabolizing fat. They also have sufficient amounts of soluble and insoluble fiber, which are helpful in cutting extra weight.

A 2014 study published in the Nutrition journal notes that adding one-half of a fresh avocado to a lunch made overweight individuals feel more satisfied by 26% and reduced their cravings to eat the next a meal by 40% over a 3-hour period, and by 28% over a 5-hour period. A 2013 study published in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition highlights the composition and possible health impacts of ‘Hass avocados’, the most familiar commercial avocado cultivars in the globe.

The study gives explanation that the intake of avocados with salads helps in weight control, ideal cardiovascular health, and blood glucose management. Try to eat half an avocado every single day. The rich consistency and flavor of avocado make it a right addition to any dip and spread, or when chopped into salads. But note - do not eat too much of this rich and creamy fruit.

  1. Dark Chocolate

Most of chocolate sorts contribute to weight gain. However dark chocolate can in fact help you lose extra weight. Dark chocolate with a high quantity of cocoa is loaded with antioxidants that help you achieve a slimmer body. It even speeds up your metabolic rate for burning more of excess weight. A 2014 study published in Phototherapy Research notes the potential implication of dark chocolate in the modulation of obesity and body weight. Dark chocolate lowers the expression of genes involved in fatty acid synthesis, thus decreasing the digestion and absorption of fats and carbohydrates, and boosting satiety.

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Previously, a 2010 study published in the journal Regulatory Peptides highlighted that those who either took or smelled the chocolate that comprised of 85 percent of cocoa showed an extreme reduction in ghrelin and satiated appetites. The hormone ghrelin is generated in the system to boost your appetite. Besides, the magnesium content of dark chocolate keeps body pain at bay, which makes workouts much more engaging and consistent.


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