10 Best Fat Losing Ways to Follow in 2016

10 Best Fat Losing Ways to Follow in 2016


James Farmer | Freeimages.com

James Farmer | Freeimages.com

So are you tired of listening to others that you should be following a weight diet plan in order to lose your belly fat and have decided to make your body as fit as possible? Well, if you’re so determined, no one can stop you from following a weight diet plan. However, you always need guidance for losing your body fat in an efficient and convenient, otherwise you can end up gaining or even losing too much weight than you should have. In order to guide you through a proper weight diet plan, here are a few efficient belly fat losing ways you can follow this year:

1. Consume Protein

Do you know in each protein gram you lose 25 to 30 percent calories during digestion process? On the other hand, if you’re consuming carbohydrates, this percentage is around 6 to 8. So you can easily calculate and do what is favorable for you.

2. Do Check Labels

Sometimes, we depend only on the sales and marketing tactics used by the companies. If you see a label “High fructose corn syrup”, do your best to avoid such food items. Similarly, you also need to avoid many sugar substitute substances which are common used for sweetening soda, baking commercial food items and condiments. Such items have also been considered to be one of the most important causes of obesity in the US.

3. Do Get Exercise

No matter you admit it or not, you always end up eating something which is against your weight diet plan. So in order to lose additional calories you just consumed, you need to get proper exercise routine. If you are looking for a bend press solution, ‘dips’ is the name you’re searching for.

4. Mixing up Your Body Exercise

Don’t just focus on doing one specific exercise as you will easily get bored and may even stop doing that in future. Rather it is always better to do both lower body exercise and upper body exercises as it will allow you to have an effective workout as well as you will also be better able to lose your fat from all places of your body in addition to your belly fat. Don’t exercise blindly and hire some professional trainer if you don’t know how to do an effective workout as the trainer would help you burning more calories efficiently and in a shorter time period.

5. Contribute in Physical Work

It does not matter that you have to do a desk job all day but you need to participate in physical activities as well. For instance, you can burn your fat by just embracing the yard-work you’re avoiding for the last couple of months. Just make yourself a push mower for some days and we’re sure that you’re actually gonna enjoy that.


6. Change Your Walking Pattern

Sometimes, you just need a little push to act upon your weight diet plan. Do you not take a larger step while walking or taking stairs instead of two or three? It’s time to stop doing that. According to physical experts, if you’re skipping 1 out of every 4 or 5 steps while you’re climbing the stairs, it will help you get additional muscles and fat loss.

7. Focus on High-Fiber Food Items

High fiber food items are probably the best items that can fill up your stomach easily and you will also not get that belly fat you get from other food non-fiber items. This can be the best food for your weight diet plan. Your best fiber food item can be beans which you can take up to 8 grams for half a cup.

8. Using Acidic Food

According to the latest scientific studies, vinegar and lemon juice increase the carb combustion up to 40 percent and can help your body to lose fat efficiently. Such acidic foot items also influence upon the insulin sudden spikes positively to ensure that your body does not experience diabetic problems often. Similarly, pickles and yogurt are also quite healthy fermented food suggested for your weight diet plan.

9. Whether to Skip a Meal or Not?

Don’t ever think that you’re going to lose your body especially belly fat if you skip your regular meals. It won’t help you in any way rather your body would get into a catabolic state and can begin to consume your muscle energy but also starts conserving your fat. So if you’re skipping a meal to lose fat, it won’t gonna help you anyway.

10.Reduce Your Carbohydrate Intake

We all know that we heard this sentence over a zillion times but it’s true. According to latest nutritional journal research, if you can reduce your carb intake just up to 8% relative to your daily calories, you will end up losing 7 pounds of fat within six weeks automatically.


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